From Space, probably...   
Fun fact I have a metal spine. I like to tell people it beeps at airports but it actually doesn’t, sorry
How long have I been a Big Boy? I’m actually not a big boy. I founded the Big Boys in 2017 tho in a Nando’s with two of the original Big Boys.
Favourite gig When I saw Tame Impala at Glastonbury last year ♡
When I’m not playing music I’m... Playing video games, dyeing my hair, making videos
Fav album Live Through This by Hole or Bleach by Nirvana
Fav food Any kind of rice
A festival I want to play: I dream of Glastonbury
Musical Background
I’ve always been in a musical family, tinkling around with piano when I was 7, which is when I started writing silly little songs, but started to really pick up guitar and write in 2013/2014 when i was practically homebound for 6 months after a spinal operation. I began playing live at 14, supporting local bands and doing local showcases, and began recording my first EP at 16. A year later I formed the Big Boys as I realised I needed a live band and from there, everything just evolved into the wonderful thing it is now.



From Paythorne - population 95
Fun fact? Lucy's favourite animals are penguins
How long u been a big boy? Since January and there's a story behind that

Favourite gig? Papa Roach at Leeds fest 2019. Never has a mosh pit been sweatier.
When I'm not playing music I'm.. writing plays, painting or cooking up a storm
Favourite album? Frank, Amy Winehouse
Favourite food? banana and peanut butter on toast for ur plant based princess
Festival you want to play? Leeds/Reading

Musical Background

Lucy's drum career aged 4 started on the pots and pans, graduating to a full kit aged 9. At 23, she's co-composed her own punk musical, played with a host of different bands and works in theatres on the integration of rhythm into text and storytelling.


From London - England
Fun fact Was about 10 meters away from the Queen when I was a kid so I guess that’s fun.
How long have I been a Big Boy? I feel at heart I've always been a big boy but officially I've been here for 2 months.
Favourite gig Seeing Oscar Lang open for Gus Dapperton
When I'm not playing music I.. either play too many videogames or listen to music
Favourite album A tie between Heads Up (Warpaint) or Regatta de Blanc (The Police)
Favourite food Closest food
Festival I want to play at Anywhere hot!
Musical Background

Technically I started music aged 9, my school made us learn guitar, but I hated it. Cut to 5 years later I'm pretty bored so I ask my dad for a guitar. After playing for a few months I knew I wanted to do music in the future so I applied for A Level Music at CANDI where I met Charles and Owen. Right now I'm in BIMM taking a degree in guitar performance.


From Bow, East London
How long have I been a Big Boy? Been in the band for just over two years. Since March 2018 I think.
Fun Fact I’ve been on stage with Roger Waters!!! Favourite gig: Being down the front for Green Day in Hyde Park or any Gerry Cinnamon gig.
When I’m not playing music I’m... brushing my hair.
Favourite album American Idiot by Green Day
Favourite food Yorkie biscuit and raisin ofc
Festival I’d love to play at Reading cos it’s the only proper one I’ve been to and it was pretty lit. -

Musical Background

I started playing the piano quite young and also learnt the violin in primary school. Played guitar a bit in secondary but only started playing a lot more once I went to CANDI sixth form where I joined the big boys and also studied music and music tech. I formed my first ever band in year 8 and the first song we ever played was 21 Guns.